Masonic Caravan Club of England and Wales

Peace Love and Harmony through meeting together

Founded in 2006


The Masonic Caravan Club of England and Wales was established in 2006 by the persuasive motivation of the late W.Bro Bill Holden of the West Lancashire Region.


a. Any Freemason in good standing belonging to a Lodge recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

b. Any widow or bereaved partner of a Freemason.

c. Any non-mason sponsored by a Freemason who is a paid-up member of the club. The Masonic member shall at all times be responsible for the actions of the sponsored non mason.

d. All members of Affiliated clubs.

In these pages you will find a host of information on the various Club activities which take place around the Country and abroad, along with a list of links to other Masonic Provinces and Caravan centres. We hope the information will widen your appreciation and understanding of our wonderful fraternity.

The 2018 MCCEW Annual Rally will be held at Trippenkennett Farm, Three Ashes, Hereford, HR2 8LZ. 5th - 10th September.

Annual Rally Entry form

There is an informal meet in Ils de Re, Nr. Rochelle, West coast of France in June 2018. Any member who is interested in joining us will be welcome. Please contact David Wootton for further details.


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